The Difference Between Print Advertising and Online Marketing

The main differences between print advertising and online marketing are the timeframe and nature in which a potential customer responds. When someone is holding the newspaper and looking at an ad, you must grab them immediately to take action. When it comes to online marketing and social media, you should recognize that you are engaging in a tool that will need time to create long-term results. Before many people will take action with online marketing, a level of trust must be established. Major social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp give a level of authenticity and excitement to a business that is not possible through print strategies; you can show real people enjoying, reviewing, and commenting on your business – it’s like word-of-mouth to the extreme.

The major advantage when it comes to social media is not only are you building a level of trust with your clients, you are also creating a solid list of contacts that can be utilized constantly. People might not be so easy to persuade into giving you their email or phone number right away, but they will be willing to friend you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter. It’s a level of communication that allows you to gain more information over time, and constantly advertise to a group of people. Something as simple as putting up a link that says “Friend us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” can provide a brand new source of contacts that weren’t possible before social media.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 social media
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